The Thanksgiving Holiday

Today I am stuck at home alone again :o( For four whole days Amy and David were home and I got played with and pampered but now I'm stuck in my crate/exercise pen again. Where to begin? Well, on Thanksgiving Day I went back up to Waldorf with David to his parents' house. Tavish wasn't there this time but Spirit was; I didn't even attempt to play with him. I did my best to ignore him. He kept on barking and snarling at me all day when I would go near him. He also kept on calling me "that damned whipper snapper." Finally when we were leaving he came up to me and I know he was about to get one last snarl in, so I sucker punched him. Pow! Right in the nose. This is Curmudgeon Spririt himself.


What else happened this past weekend? Oh, David punched some holes in the ceiling and wall in the basement to run some speaker wires or something. Amy didn't seem too thrilled with the holes, although they gave me a new idea...I should try and eat the wall! I'll have to start on that soon.

We played frisbee a bunch too in the park behind our house. We didn't nearly play enough yesterday but Amy dragged me back inside, I guess she was getting cold or something.