Destruction Update

This weekend I successfully broke triangular shaped pieces off of the vinyl tile flooring in Amy's bathroom. I will endeavor over the next few days and months to rip up the rest of the tile when Amy and David aren't looking. I also left a few more of my teeth marks on the bottom of the bookcase in the living room. Amy's black pair of socks with the puppies on them are now well ventilated after I chewed a hole through the heel. Last week I started a new project, chewing on the black chair in the basement. I've got the right edge of the chair gnawed down pretty well. Progress is also being made on my new set of Nylabone keys, I plan on getting those down to the tips by the new year. Oh and I almost forgot, I managed to eat about 1/3rd of my hard plastic frisbee that I got at puppy graduation from PetSmart.