Tree in the Living Room

David brought home a great big box tonight. Of course as soon as I saw it, I ran over and started chewing on a corner. Mmmmmm...cardboard. I love cardboard. I could chew on cardboard all day long. Well, I guess not ALL day long cause usually after the 3 seconds it takes me to chew it up into teeny tiny pieces, I get bored and look for furniture to chew on, or socks, socks are good too. Mmmmm...socks. Wait, what was I going to tell you all about? Oh yeah, the big box. So, after I started chewing on the corner of the box, Amy and David got mad and put me in my crate, so I can't really tell you what happened the next hour or so but, when they let me back out, there was this tree sitting in the middle of the living room and, AND it was glowing! I tried to ignore it at first but who's ever heard of a tree inside a house? So as I was passing by to retrieve one of my tennis balls I couldn't resist and I started chewing on one of the branches. It didn't taste as good as cardboard, but it wasn't too bad. Then David and Amy saw me again (they always ruin my fun) and sprayed bitter apple on it. There's these little shiny balls hanging from the tree, those are my next target, I bet those taste good.