New Friend!

Tonight, I met a new person and boy do I looooove meeting new people! I get too excited sometimes, well, maybe I get too excited and hyper everytime I meet a new person. Tonight, David's friend, Michelle, came and visited me. She's an avid Mango Daily reader and used to watch me all the time on my webcam. Apparently David and Amy went up and visited her and her boyfriend, Kenneth, in Boston over the summer during their pre-Mango days. I did all of my tricks for her, like "paw" and "sit" and "down" and I showed off my frisbee skills. This is Michelle giving me a treat. I hope she'll visit again, maybe the next time she sees me I won't be so crazy...then again, maybe not.

Michelle & Me.jpg

David gave her one of the presents from the top of the dining room table. Apparently, the presents are actually supposed to go underneath that tree in our living room but Amy's scared that I'll try and tear them apart and boy is she right! If I could get my paws on those presents, every single one of them would be completely shredded in less than half an hour. This is me wondering why I can't eat any of those presents. Why Amy? Why can't you let me chew on them?