Merry Christmas

I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who got one of my Christmas cards from Amy and David ;o) I hope everyone had a wonderful day and had a great time opening presents. I sure did! This is me opening my present from Amy and David.

Sheep toys.jpg

It's toy sheep to herd! I also got Greenies from our next door neighbors! I haven't had one since I got sick eating one when I was only a few weeks old and I had to go to the emergency vet :o( But thus far I've been doing fine and my new bag of Greenies came with a nifty bandana too!


The rest of the weekend has been pretty good. I got a new box of pigs ears! We gave away some of them to all of my canine friends for the holidays. Today I got to play with Kibbles. I haven't played with her in a while so that was fun. It would've been even better if Rusty had been out, maybe next time. On Christmas morning I went with Amy to her parents' house. I didn't get to play with Koko too much cause he kept on barking but I did get to open his presents for him since I love tearing paper apart and he could care less.

Koko present.jpg