Border Collie Sighting

So, we just got back from the vet where my stitches were removed. Before we went in to see the vet, the nice receptionist told us that there was another border collie in one of the other examination rooms. It was a 3 month old border collie and boy was it crazy! She was let loose and started to run wild! I was a little taken aback at first, I mean, it was running underneath me and trying to bite my paws! I might be a little hyper but this thing was on overdrive. After a few minutes I warmed up and started playing but then we had to go back to our examination rooms. I guess he was there for his 12 week shots, I remember going through that. When his owner asked Amy and David when the biting and nipping stops, they just laughed out loud in her face, "Hahaha, never!" Apparently that puppy has already developed a fondness for socks, which is good, socks are really good; David is wearing one today with a hole in it and guess who put that hole there? Yup, me! On the car ride home, Amy and David were lamenting about how soft the puppy was and how cute and pudgy. Yeah, but I bet that puppy isn't potty trained and doesn't play frisbee or know how to wait or sit or any of that stuff. But Amy reassured me that I'm the border collie that they love :o) But David said that he wants to sell me. I need to reassess my relationship with David, or chew on more of his socks.