Bath Time!

Bath Time!

I just got a bath. I will refer you to the IM conversation that Amy and David had before and after the bath.

before the bath
Amy: okay well puppy and i are going on a walk
Amy: then i think i might give him a bath
Amy: he's whining
Amy: surprise surprise
David: what puppy
David: what did you do
David: the blog has been updated!
Amy: i was talking on the phone
Amy: and while i was on the phone, a certain puppy we both know jumped onto the couch with his pillow and was sitting quite contently knowing that i was attached to the phone and couldn't shoo him off
Amy: but little does he know that he's about to get a bath
David: haha!
David: good!
David: he smells!

after the bath
Amy: this so called dog is going crazy
David: shoot it!
Amy: he was actually pretty good during the bath
Amy: except for the one time he tried to jump out and i had to use all of my strength to keep him in the bathtub
Amy: and as I was trying to control him, i let go of the shower head and it started spraying water all over the bathroom
Amy: now he's very suspicious of me
David: haha
Amy: oh my god!
Amy: he ran downstairs and has been sitting on the green couch!
Amy: in front of this stupid computer!
Amy: now it's all wet and smells of wet dog!
David: wet dog!
David: gross!
David: get rid of him!
David: sell him!
David: quick quick!

This is a picture of me wet. It was taken after I had been running around the house like mad so I'm partially dry but not quite.

Mango Wet.jpg

And this is a picture of the couch after I sat on it wet. As you can see, Amy totally exagerrated (David and I have found that she tends to do that when it comes to the cleanliness of the house).

Couch Wet.jpg

See and I bet you all thought I've been joking when I say that David wants to sell me.