Kuranda Bed!

My Kuranda Bed came in the mail today! David didn't want me to open it until Christmas, but Amy and I gave him our sweetest puppy dog eyes and he broke down and we opened it and dumped all of the pieces out onto the floor.

Kuranda in Pieces.jpg

And I kept on running away with the pieces so Amy gave me a Busy Bone to keep me occupied while David put together the bed.

David Starting.jpg

So while David was putting together the bed,

David Finishing.jpg

I was chewing on my Busy Bone.

Busy Bone.jpg

While David was testing out my Kuranda Bed,

David on Bed.jpg

I kept on chewing on my Busy Bone.

Busy Bone Eyes Closed.jpg

Finally, when I finished my Busy Bone, they got me up on the bed. It took a while but I finally got comfortable.

Figuring out the bed.jpg

I love my Kuranda Bed and I love Christmas!

In front of tree.jpg