When I was little

So last night David found this video that he took of me when I was just 9 weeks old:

Amy kept on looking at the video and looking at me, asking me where her little baby puppy has gone. As far as I can tell, I'm still here, I'm just a little bigger. The first time Amy and David saw me, I was only 6 weeks old and living in Culpeper with my mom, grandmother and brothers and sisters. I was the only white headed pup of the litter, but that's okay, cause mom told me that dad has a white head too, in fact, he also has the little diamond on the back of his head. The only difference is that he's red and white and I'm black and white. Before Amy and David came, all of the people that came wanting to adopt us pups only looked at my brothers and sisters so I never got to leave our little pen. Finally, when Amy and David arrived, I got to break free! They put me down on the cool cement in the garage and it felt so good I decided to wiggle around on it.


Then I thought I'd try some laps around the outside of the pen.

MangoPuppy Running.jpg

My time outside was short-lived because it didn't take them too too long to decide that they wanted me but they said they'd come back in a week to pick me up so back in the pen I went.