Me vs. the Box

So if there's one thing that I've learned during my 6.5 months, it's that David loves packages...a lot and boy does he get a whole lot of them. Every day when Amy and I go to pick him up from the metro the first thing he asks is if he's got any packages or not. Well, last night he got two packages! Now, another thing that I've learned during my lifetime is that I love cardboard boxes! More specifically, I love to tear them apart! So when David dropped one of the boxes that his packages came in on the floor, I saw it as my big opportunity to show that box what I'm capable of doing. This is when I first started working.

Box Before.jpg

Then about 10 minutes later I had done all I could do. This is me surveying my handiwork.

Box Aftermath.jpg

Some might call this destruction, but I think it's constructive box deconstruction.

Now if you want to see destruction, check this out. I've taken this ornament off that stupid tree 3 times and this last time I managed to break the little reindeer in half! There will be no more JOY in our household, thanks to me! Amy didn't seem too amused, but there's still plenty of ornaments left on the tree....I'll try and get those later.

no more joy.jpg