Doggie Play Time!

Today, Amy and David brought me over to a doggie play time at the Coopers' house. I met Brenda and Eirik briefly when they came over to our house in September for Amy's birthday so I was excited to see them again. They even got me a squeaky toy for Christmas but I forgot it at their house :o( Brenda and Eirik have a Weimaraner, Casey, and there were two other dogs there too, Captain and Raven, Boston Terriers. We played in the backyard and had a great time! Here are a couple of pictures of Captain, Casey and I playing. Casey, as you can see is a stick gatherer.

Mango Cap & Casey.jpg
Casey & Captain.jpg

This is Raven. She's Captain's little sister. She's still a little puppy but she was lots of fun to play with.


After running around for a while, we all got pretty tired. Captain and I eventually had to take a breather.

Captain & Mango.jpg

As we were running around, Raven and I found a tub near the tool shed that was full of water left over from storms. I don't think we were supposed to be drinking out of there, but we were super thirsty.

Raven & Mango Drinking.jpg

Eventually I think the people got the hint and Anne, Captain and Raven's owner, turned on some water for us.

Watering Hole.jpg

After playing we all went inside and I wasn't so behaved around the dogs. I had to be put in my crate :o( I need to work on playing nicely with others when I'm inside.