Mean Tavish

Today we went up to David's parents' house for David's mom's birthday. His grandparents came down from Long Island for the celebration and brought their Westie Tavish. David and Amy were all excited for me to meet Tavish cause they thought we'd have a lot of fun together but boy were they wrong. From the second I stepped foot inside the house Tavish was out to get me. He did not like me one bit. David's grandfather said it was probably because I'm a little hyper and jumpy (hey, I'm only a 5.5 month old puppy, what do you expect?!) which made Tavish a little nervous so he kept on growling and snapping at me. All I wanted to do was play :o( It kind of sucked. There I was in a house with two other dogs (Spirit, David's parents' dog was there too of course) and I couldn't play with either one of them. Here's a picture of Tavish. Sure he looks cute and little and sweet, but looks can be deceiving.


The Taste of Clothing

I just remembered another thing I love to do...chew on clothing, especially socks! This is me getting caught chewing on one of Amy's socks.

Amy Socks.jpg

When Amy or David open a closet door, I like to sneak in behind them and grab the first sock I see and then run around the room like crazy. I have also been known to do some damage to other articles of clothing. Check out David's shirt in this picture. Yep, I did that.

David's Shirt.jpg

Playing with Koko

Before I begin today's entry, let me first apologize for not having included any pictures as of late in my entries. Now while I am perfectly capable of typing these entries, I must rely on Amy to download my pictures and she's been slacking lately, I'll have to speak to her today when she gets home from work.

Last night Amy brought me over to her parents' house where I got to play with Koko again, I haven't seen him in a while and we actually had a lot of fun. He didn't want to play at first but once I annoyed him enough, he was game. When I went over there for the first time as an 8 week year old puppy we were the same size but now I'm three times as big. Last night We kept on running around the dining room table but since he's so much smaller and lower to the ground he kept on running under the table so I couldn't get to him.

When we got home, David wasn't there! Usually he's home when we get home. Amy put me in my crate for the night and David didn't get home till much later. Amy heard my rustling around so she let me out, I ran straight to the top of the stairs to the basement so I could go down and say hello to David but she dragged me outside to pee so I didn't see him at all :o( I saw him this morning! But only for a few seconds :o( 

Love the Weekends!

This was another great weekend...I love weekends! I get to go on long walks with Amy and play frisbee outside in the park with David. On Saturday I also got to play with Rusty, an Australian Shepherd and Kibbles, a Border Collie/Papillon mix. They're both 2 years old and a lot faster than me. When we play tag I'm always the one chasing after them trying to catch up. It's like when I play with my neighbor Lucy. She's a Boston Terrier who runs like a greyhound. I get so frustrated when I can't catch her that sometimes I'll just plop down in the grass and mope. I have fun playing with them though, I love it! Almost as much as I love Frosty Paws! Amy gave me one last night and once again I was in heaven.

frosty paws.jpg

Someone's Watching...

Call me crazy, but I think someone's watching me during the day. There's this thing sitting on the table outside of my crate that moves whenever I move. When it moved for the first time today, I went to investigate. When I looked at it, the only I could see was a little reflection of my face in a little round lens. I wonder what it could be...

Hershey & Frosty Paws

On Saturday Amy and I took a long walk along Kingstowne Village Parkway. Halfway through our walk I met a Chow-mix named Hershey and we played for a bit. She told me about something called snow. She loves it and said it's the best thing ever. She said in the upcoming months we might be getting some and to get ready. The Bills won again on Sunday! Hooray! I was so excited, I ran around laps around the living room.

I also got to eat my favorite thing ever...Frosty Paws. They are just...the greatest things. I love them. They're in the my top 10. Let's see, what else is in my top 10? Amy and then David. Pigs ears, I love those too. My frisbee and my tennis balls. Playing with other dogs (except for the ones that bark and growl at me). Meeting new people. Sleeping on the couch in the living room and on the futon in the 2nd bedroom (Of course I can't do it for very long because either David or Amy see me and start freaking out and yell at me to get off).


Chewing on the furniture! How can I forget that? I love that (they like to yell at me for doing that too). Oh and finding the one little string sticking out of the carpet or rug and pulling it up and up and up (I usually get yelled at for doing that too).

Pet Stores Galore

Amy and I went to go pick David up from the metro station like always and when we got home, instead of going inside with us, she drove off! I was a little confused but then David and I got back into the car and went to several pet stores, including my favorite, PetSmart! While we were looking at more of those big tanks of water I saw some kids and really wanted to go meet them so I whimpered and whimpered until David let me get closer to them. They loved me (who wouldn't?)! I also met my first Yorkie, her owner loved me too (of course).

Fish Tank Cleaning Time

David decided to clean his fish tank tonight. It's the big tank of water that sits in the basement and makes noises. I've seen little things moving around in there before but for the most part I don't pay attention to it. I did tonight though because he was taking all of the rocks and stuff out of it and boy did they taste good, nice and salty. I tried to lick as much as I could but Amy and David kept on shooing me away. I'm a little thirsty now but my taste buds are quite content.

Football Sunday!

My Bills jersey came in the mail today so I was able to watch football with David as a true Bills fan. I was all pumped up and the Bills actually won!


I was so excited afterward I decided to romp around in the autumn leaves. Look how happy I am. David was happy too. When they don't win we both just sulk around the house with frowns on our faces. He likes to throw remote controls around and break them and I like to chew on the furniture.


Site Seeing

Today David played flag football on the Mall with our one of neighbors and Amy and I decided to tag along. I don't know too much about flag football so I got bored and wanted to walk around and see the sites. The flag football fields are right on the Elipse so we're close to everything. The new underground Washington Monument visitors' center is under construction right now so this is as close as we could get.

Wash Monument.jpg

Then we walked over to the White House. I really wanted to get a picture of me in front of the White House. Amy thought it was lame but I insisted.

White House.jpg

Doggie Halloween

Tonight I went to the Doggie Happy Hour Halloween party at the Holiday Inn in Old Town Alexandria. The place was packed and I met more new dogs than I had ever seen in one place in all my 5 months. There were dogs of all sizes, it was a little overwhelming. This is me getting judged on my Halloween costume, a border pumpkin, or something like that. The hat stayed on my head for approximately 5 seconds after this picture was taken.


Oh and I lost two more teeth tonight, this time Amy took them away from me. Hmph!

At Koko's House

Today I went with Amy to visit her family. I got to play with her nieces, Kaitlyn and Ashlie, and their dog, Koko. Haha, this is Koko wearing my Halloween costume. He's none too happy and I'm taunting him.

Koko & Mango.jpg

Here are the girls watching me eat, I love eating Koko's food cause it's not mine!

Watch Mango Eat 2.jpg

Tooth Fairy?

I lost one of my baby teeth last night. It fell out onto the kitchen floor and I tried eating it, but David stopped me (I bet it would've tasted good too).

They tried to entice me with this treat, but it's just not the same. I don't think I've ever eaten a tooth before. I wonder what it tastes like.


Today was quite an exciting day that started out with some playing fetch in the park.


Then it was off to PetSmart for my graduation from Puppy Headstart class. Other than not being very nice to my classmate, Providence, I did very well and passed with flying colors. The trainer says I'm ready for the intermediate class. Here's me with this stupid cap, this was the fourth picture we took.


Oh, we also met some great danes, they're huge! I tried playing with one but he playfully batted at me with his paw and sent me flying across the room. After class, David and I left with his brother, Michael and I got in my first car accident. Some guy t-boned us in the intersection at about noon!

I'm not happy about it.